How much does Samvera cost?

The Samvera software does not cost anything. It is free and open source, available under an Apache 2 license. Of course, this is free in the same way that stray puppies come free: you will have your own ongoing support and maintenance costs.


Hyku, Hyrax, HyBox – I get these names confused!

Hyrax is a relatively new Samvera component that combines the best parts of two previous Ruby gems, Sufia and Curation Concerns.  It provides most of the “back-end” functionality that is needed to build a Samvera application.  Hyku is the product release from the Hydra-in-a-Box (HyBox) project and it is built using Hyrax as its basis.

So just what is Hyku?

Hyku is an easily installed “solution bundle” which provides a basic repository system.  Hyku can be installed locally or provided as a cloud service; it can be configured for single or multi-tenant use.

Do I have to install Samvera at my institution in order to use it?

You could, but number of Samvera’s Service Providers will soon be using Hyku to offer Samvera as a cloud-based service.  If you are interested in using Samvera in this fashion you might want to contact them direct.


Why did you change name from Hydra to Samvera?

In 2016 we discovered a conflict when we tried to trademark the name “Hydra”.  It was decided to relaunch ourselves under the name “Samvera”.  The name was one of the top choices in a vote taken among members of the Community.