Community Framework

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Since the beginning in 2008, Samvera, originally named the Hydra Project, has thrived as a collaborative, open source community with the long view.  Originally conceived as a development project to create shared technology on top of Fedora repositories, the core group has steadily attracted institutions that share the original founding members’ philosophy and vision of making an impact both at home and in the wider world by partnering to solve big digital library and information problems together.

Samvera’s flexible, agile, and lightweight community structure has allowed its Community to sustain efforts while experiencing huge growth year over year.  While Samvera Partner institutions are well known for producing innovative projects and solutions, the Community’s heart beats through shared community development and roughly a dozen active working groups all operating in an atmosphere of shared respect.

While Samvera-related projects have received grant funding*, Samvera itself is not (and has never been) grant funded.  Samvera’s sustainability plan is to continually surround ourselves with like minded people that invest in each other. Our welcoming and generous community has thrived on allowing a steady stream of fresh ideas to flourish.  Beyond the original founding members of the University of Virginia, Stanford University, the University of Hull, Duraspace (originally joined as Fedora), and MediaShelf LLC (now transitioned into Data Curation Experts), the total number of Partners and adopters has doubled year over year since 2010 into a global community.   As a distributed community of Partners, adopters, individuals, and those just testing the waters,  it is not necessary nor required to become a formal Partner to contribute to the Community.  All you need is to share our philosophy that people accomplish more together, and to bring an open mind.  We have exciting efforts continually underway that are reshaping our wider library, archives, and museum communities, and there is no better time for you or your institution to join us.

Whether you are still exploring or are certain Samvera is for you, we welcome you to join one of our mailing lists, or to join us at one of our regional or international meetings.

*We gratefully acknowledge grant contributions from the US Institute for Museum and Library Services, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Jisc in the UK, and others who have funded projects which have used the Samvera framework as part of their technology stack.