OR2014 Updates: Developer Challenge and Workshop Registration

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May 29, 2014

OR2014 Updates: Developer Challenge and Workshop Registration

Helsinki, FI  Breaking news from the upcoming Open Repositories Conference June 9-13 includes a look at how to participate in this year’s Developer Challenge for software developers, and registration information for pre-conference Workshops, Tutorials and Meetings.

Developer Challenge

The goal of the Developer Challenge at Open Repositories is to provide growth opportunities for software developers who attend, and show support and appreciation by providing them with an event that is both fulfilling and also valuable for the Open Repositories community.

Read the full Developer Challenge description here.

The Developer Challenge showcases new and exciting technology ideas that have the potential to enhance the richness of a repository ecosystem. At this year’s conference Developer Challenge participants will:

Build or enhance a repository ecosystem, in line with this year’s conference themes that include:

  • Unconventional approaches to repository-like services
  • Interconnection between publishers and repositories
  • Researcher-centered design for scholarly workflows
  • Adaptations to support curation lifecycle management, e.g., for research data
  • Real-world scalability and performance stories: working at web-scale, with big data for global usage
  • Requirements for holding restricted or classified data in repositories
  • •Infrastructure to accommodate national and international mandates for data management and open access
  • Positioning repositories closer to (local, consortial, or cloud-based) cyberinfrastructure for data processing
  • Leveraging connections to external services including:
  • Remote identifier services (e.g., DOI, ORCID)
  • (Re-)using repository data/metadata in new and unexpected ways, including integrated discovery
  • Scholarly social media services, such as for annotation, review, comment, reputation, citation, and altmetrics
  • CRIS and research management systems
  • Digital preservation tools, services & infrastructure
  • Community and sustainability in an open world

Specific challenges/prizes will be offered by sponsors. Information about these challenges will be added here as they are available.

Come up with an idea, or, pick up one of the other ideas that someone has proposed and go for it if you are a developer. If you’re not a developer propose an idea anyway:

Developers will be encouraged to work on all the ideas. You can also join the team if you wish to help with documentation and presentation of the idea.

Registration for pre-conference Workshops, Tutorials and Meetings NOW OPEN

In addition to the Developer Challenge, the pre-conference sessions of Open Repositories 2014 will be held at the University of Helsinki main campus area and will include as many as 19 workshops, tutorials or meetings on a large variety of topics. It is important that you register for any of these events that you will attend. There are separate registration forms for the morning, afternoon and evening sessions below:

  • Registration form for morning sessions here.
  • Registration form for afternoon sessions here.
  • Registration form for evening sessions here.