Sufia 6.0.0 released

We are delighted to announce that Sufia 6.0.0 has been released. It’s been quite an undertaking:

* over 451 commits
* 402 files changed
* 17 contributors from 6 institutions, across the U.S.A and Canada

Some of the new features include:

* Fedora 4 support
* Some optimizations for large files including using ActiveFedora’s streaming API
* New metadata editing forms (inspired by Worthwhile and Curate)
* Store old featured researchers in database
* Support for the latest Hydra components, Blacklight, Rails, and Ruby versions
* Easier overriding of Sufia’s controllers
* Dozens and dozens of bugs squashed, and lots of UI/UX tweaks
* Lots of work on the README

You can read all about it in the release notes, including instructions for upgrading:

We’ve also created a sample application that outlines the steps of upgrading to version 6 and migrating the data from Fedora 3 to Fedora 4:

Penn State has tested this code against their Scholarsphere application where they will be using it to launch their new Fedora 4-based version and migrate its data in April. You will notice that Sufia 5.0, the final Fedora 3-based Sufia version, is still in release candidate status. We hope to have this rectified soon.

Many thanks to all the developers who have made this release possible, and to the leadership at each of their institutions for recognizing the value of this project.