Sufia 6.1 released

We are pleased to announce that Sufia 6.1 has been released released.  A set of release notes can be found here (

If you are currently using Sufia 6.0 we would recommend upgrading to Sufia 6.1 as soon as possible.  Beyond the additional features in the release a number of bugs were fixed.

Thanks to the 16 contributors for this release, which comprised 139 commits touching 187 files: Adam Wead, Michael Tribone, Gregorio Luis Ramirez, Justin Coyne, Nathan Rogers, Michael J. Giarlo, Carolyn Cole, Trey Terrell, Colin Brittle, Anna Headley, Hector Correa, E. Lynette Rayle, Chris Beer, Jeremy Friesen, Colin Gross, and Tricia Jenkins.