New releases: Sufia 6.2.0, Active Fedora 9.2.0 and HydraHead 9.2.0

We are pleased to announce some new gem releases:

Sufia 6.2.0 

The 6.2.0 version of Sufia includes two new features [1][2] on the administrative statistics page, allowing users to display a list of new user accounts and and list of deposited files based on a specified date range.

There have also been a handful of bug fixes, including:

* Fixing the autocomplete dropdown that queries Geonames [3]

* Restricting the display of collections in the “My” controller to those users can edit (not all collections they can view)

* Disabling display of the Zotero user ID if this integration has not been enabled [4]

See the release notes [5] for the upgrade process and for an exhaustive list of the work that has gone into this release. Thanks to the 5 contributors for this release, which comprised 17 commits touching 27 files: Adam Wead, Olli Lyytinen, Justin Coyne, Michael J. Giarlo, and Carolyn Cole.


ActiveFedora 9.2.0 and HydraHead 9.2.0

The upgrade to 9.2.0 is strongly encouraged as it fixes a bug where a user may retain access to a resource after the access has been revoked.
Release notes are here:

Thanks again to all concerned.