Sufia 6.4.0 released

We are pleased to announce the release of Sufia 6.4.0

Sufia 6.4.0 includes new features for uploading files to collections, enabling suggested citation formatting, as well as a number of bugfixes and refactorings.

See the release notes [1] for the upgrade process and for an exhaustive list of the work that has gone into this release. Thanks to the 18 contributors for this release, which comprised 100 commits touching 123 files: Adam Wead, Anna Headley, Brandon Straley, Carolyn Cole, Colin Gross, Dan Kerchner, Lynette Rayle, Hector Correa, Justin Coyne, Mike Giarlo, Michael Tribone, Nation Rogers, Olly Lyytinen, Piotr Hebal, Randy Coulman, Christian Aldridge, Tonmoy Roy, and Yinlin Chen.