And UCSD makes 30!

Declan Fleming and his team at the University of California, San Diego, have long been Hydra Partners in everything but name; among many other contributions in 2012 they hosted the first Hydra Power Steering meeting (at that time called our ‘Strategic Retreat’) and in 2014 they hosted the first Hydra Connect conference.  We are now delighted to be able to announce that they have officially become Hydra’s 30th Partner.

In UCSD’s letter of intent, Brian Schottlaender (the Audrey Geisel University Librarian) writes:

“Working with the Hydra community has already proven to be fruitful, helping us produce a new DAMS product release that manages simple and complex digital objects, and RDF metadata, reading and writing through Hydra. We believe that adopting Hydra into our stack will continue to save significant development time.

“We look forward to becoming Hydra Partners, and to adding our experience to the group and benefitting from that of the other members.”

Welcome UCSD!!!