WUSTL becomes a Hydra Partner

We are excited to announce Washington University of St Louis (WUSTL) as a Hydra Partner!

At HydraConnect 2015, Andrew Rouner and Chris Freeland expressed interest in getting more deeply involved in Hydra and moving toward partnership. That fall, WUSTL partnered with DCE and went into production with their “Goldenseal” repository (http://repository.wustl.edu) in February, followed quickly by their production instance of Avalon (http://streamingvideo.wustl.edu) in March. Andrew shared “These launch efforts concluded with a Hydra “Stop and Learn” event we held May 13th, aimed primarily at WU personnel but extending to colleagues from various cultural organizations regionally.  The event featured sessions on an overview of Hydra, a closer look at the technology stack, a review of the Hydra community development model, and a poster session (a la HydraConnect) on subjects we currently are now or are hoping to explore with Hydra.”  Additionally they have become involved in Hydra interest and working groups.

This represents not only major development efforts and engagement within the Hydra Community but also acting as strong advocates among regional cultural organizations. Join us in welcoming Washington University of St Louis and see everyone at Hydra Connect 2016!