Sufia 7.0.0 released

From Mike Giarlo: Sufia 7.0.0 has been released after 4 beta releases and 2 release candidates. In addition to the words I wrote below, I’d also highlight the amount of work that has gone into getting from a first beta release to 7.0.0 proper: since beta1 was released on June 3rd, 11 contributors have made 307 commits touching 417 files.

The 7.0.0 release does not include upgrade/migration docs or tools but rather is focused on greenfield adopters. In the meantime, developers at Penn State, Alberta, and the Chemical Heritage Foundation are actively working on migrations, so those of you running Sufia 6.x who are eager to upgrade to 7.x… stay tuned!

The top priority for the next release will be exposing in the UI the ability to create arbitrarily nested works, and I’m happy to share that that feature is nearly ready thanks to the dedicated team at Oregon State University.

Thanks again, everyone, for all you’ve done to make this release what it is!