The Digital Repository of Ireland is Hydra’s latest Partner

The Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI) is honoured to join the Hydra Project as a Partner. Hydra is an open-source digital repository software product primarily used in libraries and digital repositories. It is supported by a Steering Group and a network of institutional partners. DRI looks forward to working closely with the other partners to share best practice, contribute to the community, and promote the wider adoption of Hydra, particularly in Europe.

Welcoming the announcement, Tom Cramer, Assistant University Librarian at Stanford University and one of the founders of the Hydra Project, said: “We’re delighted to have DRI officially join Hydra as a Partner. The project is already richer for their leadership, energy and expertise; as Partners, we expect an even stronger exchange moving forward.”

The DRI repository, live since June 2015, uses a customized version of the Hydra software to provide access to a wide variety of cultural, humanities and social sciences objects in a modern, mobile-friendly interface. The repository supports a wide range of object formats, and metadata describing these objects can be provided in several common metadata standards, including Dublin Core, EAD and MODS. In order to access restricted repository items from DRI member institutions the repository has integrated with the Edugate authentication system, which enables use of local credentials in the system. DRI also supports the IIIF standard for displaying and manipulating high quality images.

Dermot Frost, Technical Lead for DRI, said: “The Hydra framework has enabled DRI to build a trusted digital repository without the need to develop every component from scratch. This reuse and sharing of code is key to the long term sustainability of not just DRI, but all open repositories into the future.”

Since 2012, DRI has been active in the Hydra and the wider Open Repositories communities. DRI facilitated two Hydra Camps in Dublin as well as the inaugural Hydra Europe Symposium in 2014 and team members have attended every Hydra Connect meeting. Most recently the Open Repositories 2016 (OR2016) conference was hosted in Trinity College Dublin with many Hydranauts in attendance where the DRI team showcased many activities.

DRI Director, Natalie Harrower, said: “While DRI has been involved and welcomed in the Hydrasphere for many years now, we feel that the time is right to ‘step up’ and become Hydra Partners. We look forward to contributing more to the community and to helping Hydra grow in Europe and further afield.”


About the Digital Repository of Ireland

DRI is Ireland’s national trusted digital repository for Humanities, Social Sciences and Cultural data. The repository links together and preserves both historical and contemporary data held by Irish institutions, providing a central internet access point and interactive multimedia tools. As a national e-infrastructure for the future of education and research in the humanities and social sciences, DRI is available for use by the public, students and scholars. For more information on the Digital Repository of Ireland, please contact Clare Lanigan, Manager of Education and Outreach, Digital Repository of Ireland:

About the Hydra Project

Hydra is an open-source digital repository software product primarily used in libraries and digital repositories. The software was originally developed as a collaboration between Stanford University, the University of Virginia, the University of Hull, and Fedora Commons. The stated goal of the project was to “support the rapid development of multiple systems tailored to distinct needs, but powered by a common underlying repository.” The project now has more than 30 formal Partners. For more information email