Hydra’s new name is “Samvera”

We are pleased to announce that the “Hydra Project” is to become the “Samvera Community”.  Samvera is an Icelandic word which expresses the idea of “togetherness”.  It was one of the top scoring names in the Community vote.

The change from Hydra to Samvera will take place gradually over the coming weeks but we are planning a flurry of activity either side of the weekend 17/18 June.  At that time, for instance, we anticipate that the new website (samvera.org) will go live, the wiki will become samvera.org/wiki (which will redirect to wiki.duraspace.org/display/samvera/) and our mailing lists will be renamed from hydra-xxxx@googlegroups.com to samvera-xxxx@googlegroups.com.  A new logo for our community is under development and we will make it available (for forthcoming presentations etc) as soon as we can.  We will provide further details of the exact timetable for these changes in a further email.  We hope to have all major changes complete in time for the Open Repositories conference which begins on June 26th.

Please join us in celebrating the next phase of our Community’s development.