Systems updates for Samvera name change

As noted in our recent posting, we propose to make significant changes around the weekend 17/18 June in order to move all our systems to “Samvera”.  With that in mind, please plan not to use any of our systems from Friday 16th June to Monday 19th June inclusive.  In particular, changes made to the wiki during that period may not migrate to the new version (which will be a clone of the old one) and emails made to our lists may be lost.

Our agreement to resolve the name conflict requires us to cease use of the name “Hydra”.  In terms of the wiki, this means that we will change all references to “Hydra” in the URL, on the home page and at least from the layer of pages immediately underneath (so, for instance, IG/WG charter pages).  It would be helpful, please, if the “owners” of the second level pages could do the editing of “Hydra” to “Samvera” (at any convenient time from now on; note that “Hydra Project” should become “Samvera Community”) and if everyone would use “Samvera” in new wiki content with immediate effect.  Any second level pages that have not been edited by 16 June will be handled centrally.  We are not being asked to edit “Hydra” out of historical content, only from material in current use.  The new version of the wiki will be at

During this four day “blackout” our mailing lists will be renamed from hydra-xxxx to  The new website ( will be launched as soon as its links to the new wiki instance can be verified.