Samvera Partner Profile: WGBH

Organizations active in the Samvera Community can become Samvera Partners, and make a commitment to support the Community through participation and annual dues. Get to know one of our longtime Partners, WGBH.

How long has WGBH been involved in the Samvera Community?
WGBH has been involved with Samvera since it was known as the Hydra project. Our first interaction was a meeting at Stanford in 2012. We began to be active in the Community about a year later.

Which Samvera technologies do you use?
We use Avalon Media System as well as a very modified version of Hyrax that uses components of Hyrax, but a different meta data model.

Tell us a bit about your repositories. How have you customized them to meet your specific needs?
Our modified Hyrax repository manages mostly data and links to audio visual files that are sitting on a server for access.  We do not store the audio visual files in the Fedora repository.  For our Avalon instance we built a new ingest using the ingest API.

How do individuals at your organization participate in the Samvera Community?
We have a member of the Samvera Marketing Working Group and at one time we helped launch the annual Virtual Connect spring conference. As part of the Marketing Working Group we’ve helped with planning communications for Connect, gave presentations at conferences about starting out with Samvera and manned the exhibit table. We also attend monthly Partner calls and annual Partner meetings. We would like to be more involved on the development side.

What value does WGBH receive from participating in the Samvera Community?
When we participate more actively, I think we gain access to technology solutions we might not have considered or thought of ourselves.  Our use case is quite a bit different than most others in Samvera, so we need to be a bit more creative in taking the community solutions and applying them to our use case.