Category: Software updates

Sufia 3.7 released

We are pleased to announce the release of the Sufia 3.7 gem. This release includes some documentation fixes, bug fixes, and an upgrade to Blacklight 4.7. You can see a complete change set here: Thanks to all the contributors for this release! The deprecation warnings from Blacklight 4.6 were cleared, but unfortunately there were a… Read more »

Rubydora 1.7.1 released

We are pleased to announce the release of an updated gem – Rubydora 1.7.1. Changes since Rubydora 1.7.0: Rubydora::RestApiClient Refactored file content type discernment from add_datastream and modify_datastream into private method. Added better support for Rails uploaded files by calling :content_type on file if available. Added constant for default content type. Removed Ruby 1.8.7 workaround.… Read more »

Active Fedora 6.7.4 released

***  See edit below *** Earlier this week Greg Kellogg released a new version of the Ruby RDF library (1.1.2),  this breaks the rdf-rdfxml (1.0.1) library which Active Fedora depends on. The updated Active Fedora gem contains a dependency that ensures we get a working combination of those libraries.  This is the sole change in… Read more »

New releases for the New Year

First of all, a Happy New Year to all our readers. Just before the holiday period we released a number of new gems, most were minor point releases (Active Fedora 6.7.1-6.7.3 and Hydra Collections 1.3.2) but one was a major release of Sufia 3.6.0 (since patched to 3.6.1) Thanks to all those who contributed. The… Read more »