Category: Software updates

Rubydora 1.7.1 released

We are pleased to announce the release of an updated gem – Rubydora 1.7.1. Changes since Rubydora 1.7.0: Rubydora::RestApiClient Refactored file content type discernment from add_datastream and modify_datastream into private method. Added better support for Rails uploaded files by calling :content_type on file if available. Added constant for default content type. Removed Ruby 1.8.7 workaround.… Read more »

Active Fedora 6.7.4 released

***  See edit below *** Earlier this week Greg Kellogg released a new version of the Ruby RDF library (1.1.2),  this breaks the rdf-rdfxml (1.0.1) library which Active Fedora depends on. The updated Active Fedora gem contains a dependency that ensures we get a working combination of those libraries.  This is the sole change in… Read more »

New releases for the New Year

First of all, a Happy New Year to all our readers. Just before the holiday period we released a number of new gems, most were minor point releases (Active Fedora 6.7.1-6.7.3 and Hydra Collections 1.3.2) but one was a major release of Sufia 3.6.0 (since patched to 3.6.1) Thanks to all those who contributed. The… Read more »