Getting started

Communication Channels

Details on joining Slack, participating in community phone calls, and other ways to communicate with our community can be found on our Get In Touch wiki page. We also have a variety of Interest Groups and Working Groups which are open for anyone to join and can be a great way to get to know the community.

Samvera for Developers

Where do I start?

The easiest way to get started developing with Samvera is to install and configure Hyrax.  Two resources will aid you with this – our general documentation and the GitHub page with specific installation instructionsWhile it is possible to create your own Samvera application by assembling the right components, and this has been a common practice in the Samvera Community in the past, ongoing maintenance of home grown solutions will be more expensive than sharing maintenance costs with the rest of the Community. We are in the process of focusing our Community development efforts on Hyrax, and that will be the code base we are best able to support and maintain.

What if Hyrax will not work for me?

If you have unique needs that are not represented on the Hyrax feature list, do check in with the Community about our development roadmap, but you might need to consider rolling your own solution.

Development Resources

You can find some instructional documentation in our knowledge base. The samvera-tech mailing list is a good resource, as is the #dev channel on Samvera Slack. Official Samvera code repositories are in the Samvera Github organization, and emerging projects are in samvera-labs. You might also consider attending a Samvera Camp or Advanced Samvera Camp for face-to-face instruction.


Samvera for Managers


Samvera for Metadata Professionals

The Samvera Community contains many metadata professionals who are working together to share patterns and establish best practices. You can connect with many of them via the Samvera Metadata Interest Group, the samvera-tech mailing list, and on the #metadata channel of Samvera Slack.