Possibly the best way to get started with Samvera is to get in touch with people who are already using it.  There are a number of ways to do this.

The Samvera Community maintains a number of email lists.  The best starting point may be  This address is specifically to take queries from this website and make sure that they get directed to someone who can answer them for you.

As you become more involved you may wish to join the main Samvera Community mailing list and/or possibly the Samvera developers’ mailing list.

In addition, many in our community working with all the various aspects of Samvera use a Slack channel.  Full details of the mailing lists and other communication channels are given on the “Get in touch!” page of our wiki.

The lists and the Slack channel are quite heavily used and people considering joining the Samvera Community should certainly take a look at them.

Samvera also has a presence on LinkedIn and a Twitter presence.

There are regular group calls using Skype or similar technologies:

    • weekly technical calls
    • monthly Partner calls
    • monthly Steering Group calls
    • regular calls between the members of Working and Interest Groups

Samvera has a web presence in several places:

    • This website
    • A wiki which holds more detailed information about Samvera:  its Community, its meetings and events, and its technologies
    • For developers, a GitHub site from which most Samvera code can be acquired, a JIRA site for issue tracking and a continuous integration server.

In addition to remote communication, Samvera has several face to face meetings each year open to the community and you can find more details of these on our Peer Support page.