News & Events

Hydra Europe Symposium (7-8 April) and Hydra Camp Europe (8-11 April)

The Hydra Project is pleased to announce the first Hydra Europe events, taking place this coming April, at Trinity College, Dublin. Hydra Symposium A non-technical lunchtime to lunchtime event for collection managers and owners to learn about Hydra and how it can support a wide range of digital content management needs. Bookings – Further… Read more »

Hydra-head 6.5.0 released

Version 6.5.0 of the hydra-head gem has been released!  This version upgrades Blacklight to version 4.7 and ActiveFedora to version 6.7.  Among other things, these upgrades provide deprecation warnings for Blacklight 5.0 and ActiveFedora 7.0, which will be required by hydra-head version 7.0. Changes since hydra-head 6.4.1: * Blacklight upgraded to version ~> 4.7 and… Read more »

Open Repositories Conference Update: Save the Dates for OR2015

Of interest to the Hydra community: Feb. 12, 2014 Read it online: Open Repositories Conference Update: Save the Dates for OR2015   A message from the Open Repositories Steering Committee We are pleased to announce that the 2015 Open Repositories Conference (OR2015) will take place in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA at the Hyatt Regency from June… Read more »

Sufia 3.7 released

We are pleased to announce the release of the Sufia 3.7 gem. This release includes some documentation fixes, bug fixes, and an upgrade to Blacklight 4.7. You can see a complete change set here: Thanks to all the contributors for this release! The deprecation warnings from Blacklight 4.6 were cleared, but unfortunately there were a… Read more »

Hydra calendar for 2014

In response to requests last year from a number of people, we have published on our wiki a Hydra calendar for 2014. Some of the venues and dates for meetings are still a little fluid but these will be updated as soon as firm arrangements have been made.  In particular, we hope to finalize (and… Read more »