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Avalon Media System Release 3.0

Of interest to the Hydra community, this post from Jon Dunn (Indiana University) and Stu Baker (Northwestern University): We are pleased to announce that Release 3.0 of the Avalon Media System is now available, brought to you by our talented project team members at Indiana and Northwestern, with support from the Institute of Museum and… Read more »

Oregon Digital joins Hydra

We are delighted to announce that Oregon Digital has joined the Hydra Project. Oregon Digital is a successful partnership between the University of Oregon and Oregon State University working on shared digital collections and infrastructure. Since Oregon Digital’s launch in 2009, they have embraced the idea that innovation through collaboration makes them stronger and allows them to go… Read more »

Invitation to submit workshop proposal for Hydra Connect #2

The second, annual Hydra Connect meeting will be taking place at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio from Tuesday September 30th to Friday October 3rd, 2014. (Save the dates in your diary if you haven’t already!) The Tuesday will be an optional day of workshops whilst the meeting proper on Wednesday – Friday will be… Read more »

Hydra in Dublin

Last week saw two very successful Hydra events in Dublin, Ireland. The first event was the Hydra Europe Symposium held on 7/8 April. Some 35 people attended, primarily from the UK and Ireland, but with several delegates from mainland Europe too. The event provided a full introduction to Hydra, stressing how the technology and the… Read more »

OR2014 Update: Erin McKiernan to be Keynote Speaker

Erin McKiernan to be Keynote Speaker, Conference Program Available, REGISTER NOW! Helsinki, FI The 9th International Conference on Open Repositories (#OR2014) to be held June 9-13, 2014 is fast-approaching. Exciting program details have been announced by conference organizers. ERIN MCKIERNAN WILL BE THE OR2014 KEYNOTE SPEAKER We are delighted to announce that the opening keynote this year will… Read more »