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Interest and Working Groups

Much of Samvera’s development is driven by its Interest and Working Groups.  These groups come together to discuss and work on matters of particular importance to the Samvera Community at any given time.  Interest Groups are essentially for discussion around a particular topic; Working Groups are created to perform specific tasks – each Working Group… Read more »

The Digital Repository of Ireland joins Hydra

We are delighted to announce Hydra’s latest formal Partner, the Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI).  DRI is Ireland’s national trusted digital repository for Humanities, Social Sciences and Cultural data. The repository links together and preserves both historical and contemporary data held by Irish institutions, providing a central internet access point and interactive multimedia tools. As… Read more »

Rebranding the Hydra Project

Some of you may be aware that the Hydra Project has been attempting to trademark its “product” in the US and in Europe.  During this process we became aware of MPDV, a German company that has a wide ranging trademark on the use of ‘Hydra’ for computer software and that their claim to the word… Read more »

Case studies

The following case studies very slightly predate the time when the Hydra Project renamed itself the Samvera Community – but it’s the same software framework and the same Community that they refer to! Boston Public Library As the oldest public library system in the country, the Boston Public Library (BPL) holds a vast wealth of culturally significant… Read more »

IMPORTANT – Change of dates for Hydra Connect 2017

Apologies, but after our announcement, just before Christmas, of dates for Hydra Connect 2017 it became apparent that they clashed with a PASIG conference which, at that point, had not been widely advertised.  This would have represented a conflict of interest for a significant number of our Hydra community Accordingly, the dates for Hydra Connect… Read more »