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Peer Support

With Samvera adopters all over the world, how does the Samvera Community keep in touch?  There are a number of ways we do this. On a day-to-day basis people make use of Samvera’s several mailing lists and the developers, in particular, use a Slack channel.  In addition, there are regular group calls using Skype or… Read more »

Samvera is Community Sourced Software

Samvera is not just a repository software solution. The project was conceived because we believe that no single system can provide the full range of repository-based solutions for a given institution’s needs and that no single institution can resource the development of a full range of solutions on its own.  From the outset, Samvera (originally called… Read more »


Samvera software is free and open source, available under an Apache 2 license.     The contents of this website and other Samvera documentation are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License except where specifically noted.       The Samvera name and the Samvera logo are the subject of trademark applications.


How much does Samvera cost? The Samvera software does not cost anything. It is free and open source, available under an Apache 2 license. Of course, this is free in the same way that stray puppies come free: you will have your own ongoing support and maintenance costs.   Hyku, Hyrax, HyBox – I get these… Read more »

Samvera is Flexible and Extensible

The Samvera framework uses the best of current repository, search, and user-interface technologies. The separation of data and display, within the Samvera framework, promotes flexibility and extensibility. Flexible Within Samvera framework, one body, the digital repository, supports multiple heads or tailored, content type-specific applications. Additional heads can be implemented with the same repository to handle… Read more »