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Samvera is an Open Source Repository Framework

Samvera software was conceived as an open source repository framework.  That is to say that we set out to create a series of free-to-use software “building blocks” that could put together in various combinations to achieve the repository system that an institution needed – as opposed to building a “one size fits all” solution. The… Read more »

The Digital Repository of Ireland is Hydra’s latest Partner

The Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI) is honoured to join the Hydra Project as a Partner. Hydra is an open-source digital repository software product primarily used in libraries and digital repositories. It is supported by a Steering Group and a network of institutional partners. DRI looks forward to working closely with the other partners to… Read more »

Samvera events diary

The Samvera (previously Hydra) calendar below shows significant events for the Samvera Community over the next few months. If you are organizing an event that you feel should be included, please get in touch using the ‘Contact’ link at the right. Note: where times are shown these are US Pacific time. Please double check your… Read more »

Getting started

Communication Channels To learn more about the Samvera Community, our technology stack, and how we work together, see our emerging knowledge base page, and our wiki. You might also want to join the samvera-tech mailing list, and Samvera’s community Slack. Details on joining Slack, participating in community phone calls, and other ways to communicate with… Read more »

Technology stack

A Samvera repository solution provides functionality for the full range of CRUD services (create, read, update, delete).  To do this it employs a number of Ruby on Rails based components (or “gems”) in conjunction with three other “best of breed” open source software products: Fedora, Solr and Blacklight.   At the top of our architecture diagram is… Read more »