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Service Providers

Samvera is open source software and free to any would-be user, but the project benefits from a number of commercial firms and individual contractors that are active in the community and offer for-fee services to interested institutions, such as consulting, implementation, hosting, training, and more. This page serves as a directory for many of the… Read more »

Community Framework

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Since the beginning in 2008, Samvera, originally named the Hydra Project, has thrived as a collaborative, open source community with the long view.  Originally conceived as a development project to create shared technology on top of Fedora repositories, the… Read more »

Users say…

Partner testimonials and quotes Hear directly from users why Samvera is a good idea! Most of these quotes date from a time before the Hydra Project renamed itself the Samvera Community – but it’s the same software framework and the same Community they are referring to! Digital Public Library of America “As a national aggregator… Read more »


From its outset as the Hydra Project, Samvera was always intended to be a collaborative effort sustained by an active and vibrant community. Since the outset in 2008, our Community has grown to embrace more than 30 formal Partners committed to furthering and sustaining its work.  A look at our Partners page or a glance… Read more »

Peer Support

With Samvera adopters all over the world, how does the Samvera Community keep in touch?  There are a number of ways we do this. On a day-to-day basis people make use of Samvera’s several mailing lists and the developers, in particular, use a Slack channel.  In addition, there are regular group calls using Skype or… Read more »