The Samvera governance model is shown in the diagram below.

Samvera Governance diagram

Essentially there are several groups with overlapping membership.

Samvera Partners

Samvera’s Partners are the heart of the Community and formally share responsibility for its development.  They set technical and Community direction; they contribute design and code; they organize events; they conduct training; they help orient new adopters; they write documentation; and they advance the Community overall.  The Partners have a monthly on-line conference call and meet annually at Samvera Connect whilst smaller regional groupings meet, generally once or twice,at other times each year.

Samvera Steering Group

The Steering Group acts as a secretariat for the Community and manages its legal, financial, identity and communication concerns. It serves as a formal representative for the Community, and the ultimate point of escalation, when either is needed. The Steering Group consisted originally of representatives from our founding institutions but has since been expanded; the current membership can be found here.

Interest, Working and Developer Groups

Interest, Working and Developer Groups span both Samvera’s Partners and other Community members. They address specific topics (e.g. “Service Management”), tasks (e.g. updating the Samvera website), and technical issues (e.g. architectural direction and code commits).  The Groups hold regular meetings, normally on-line, and conduct their business in an open and transparent way.  Membership of Groups is open with the exception that all developers must have a Contributor Licence Agreement in place before code will be accepted from them, and all new code is subject to a peer review process.


The Samvera Community is open; it includes active participants and passive users who may not be Partners but still add to the Community or derive benefit from it.  All are welcome!