Samvera is Flexible and Extensible

The Samvera framework uses the best of current repository, search, and user-interface technologies. The separation of data and display, within the Samvera framework, promotes flexibility and extensibility.


Within the Samvera framework, one “body” — the digital repository — supports multiple “heads” or tailored, content type-specific applications.

Samvera repository structure

Where other repository systems may be tailored to a specific format or medium, requiring specific systems and expertise, the Samvera framework is flexible enough to serve multiple needs.


The Samvera framework is architected to extend features based on specific concerns and use-cases. Established features with long-term community commitment are available, such as:

  • Browse Everything allows your rails application to access user files from cloud storage, such as Dropbox, Skydrive, Google Drive, Box, and a server-side directory share
  • LDP provides a Linked Data Platform and allows publication of RDF data

The agile and collaborative nature of the Samvera Community also enables experimentation with cutting-edge extensions, which can be added to address unique needs, explore usefulness and possibilities, and eventually gain community commitment.