Community Support

With Samvera adopters all over the world, how does the Samvera Community keep in touch?  There are a number of ways we do this.

On a day-to-day basis people make use of Samvera’s several mailing lists and the developers, in particular, use a Slack channel.  In addition, there are regular group calls using online conferencing technologies:

    • weekly technical calls
    • monthly partner calls
    • monthly Board calls
    • regular calls between members of Working and Interest Groups

Details of the lists and the Slack channel are given on the “Get in touch!” page of our wiki.

The lists and the Slack channel are quite heavily used and people intent on joining the Samvera Community should certainly take a look at them.  New and potential adopters are encouraged to use these mechanisms to ask questions. The Community is very supportive of newcomers and works hard to assist them in getting “up and running”.

However effective we try to make our on-line support, we know there is no real substitute for face to face discussions.  To that end Samvera generally organizes several meetings each year:

    • Samvera Connect is the annual get-together for our Community worldwide.  The meeting, which is normally in the early Fall, has grown steadily in size.
    • Regional meetings: the increasing, worldwide distribution of Samvera Partners and adopters has made the original pattern of several face-to-face Partner meetings each year untenable.  The Community is now developing a series of regional meetings and other events to supplement the one annual get-together, Samvera Connect.
    • Samvera Camps: the camps are a week or so of intensive training aimed at developers. Initially these events were hosted annually but they now occur several times each year, run by Samvera Partners Data Curation Experts, Notch8 and sometimes also by other Samvera service providers. Samvera Camps can be an institution-based open event or training for a specific institution only.  Organizers of open events generally charge attendance fees to cover the costs of the tutors etc.
    • There are other events at which there is usually a healthy Samvera presence, including the annual Open Repositories conference.

Support for the Community is an essential part of Samvera’s offering and we regularly review what we are doing, how well it is working and how we might improve it.