From its outset as the Hydra Project, Samvera was always intended to be a collaborative effort sustained by an active and vibrant community.

Since the outset in 2008, our Community has grown to embrace more than 30 formal Partners committed to furthering and sustaining its work.  A look at our Partners page or a glance at the footer section on this page will show you that these supporting organizations and institutions cover a range of cultural heritage sectors (libraries – academic and public, museums, broadcasters), large and small, famous and less well-known.  Not only is there a range of sectors represented, but Samvera’s Partners and adopters are spread around the world; whilst most are on the North American continent there is a growing number in Europe and a small number elsewhere.  The Partners have a vested interest in sustaining the Samvera product in support of their own digital collections, some of national and international importance, and thus in sustaining the product for others in the community.

Samvera is committed to providing an on-going solution for its many users; in the furtherance of that commitment, the Community regularly examines the ways in which it attempts to support them.  More, it continually asks whether its software is suited to the demands of the next few years or whether improvements need to be made.  Thus, the software is continually evolving to reflect needs in the Community and to reflect advancements in the technologies and standards that it embraces.

But nothing lasts for ever! Samvera is also committed to providing a sensible exit strategy should the Community falter and users turn to some other product.