Users say…

Partner testimonials and quotes

Hear directly from users why Samvera is a good idea! Most of these quotes date from a time before the Hydra Project renamed itself the Samvera Community – but it’s the same software framework and the same Community they are referring to!

Digital Public Library of America

“As a national aggregator of the riches of America’s libraries, archives, and museums, DPLA relies heavily on our contributing partners’ repository and harvesting infrastructure. We view Hydra as a robust solution in this space, and forecast its continued growth.”

The Chemical Heritage Foundation

“When choosing a system, we considered both vendor and open source solutions and finally settled on Hydra because it best met our complicated needs. We have been warmly welcomed into the Community and have made it a priority to collaborate and contribute our code back whenever possible.”

Tufts University

“Hydra Development at Tufts allows us to collectively manage our digital assets. It also allows us to leverage critical forms of expertise situated across our respective organizations (e.g., metadata creation, digital preservation, software engineering, and infrastructure design and maintenance), and enables us to build common approaches and solutions to our digital asset management needs.”

Princeton University

“The ability to model complex workflows makes Hydra a perfect fit for the project to facilitate a high-throughput digitization and cataloging project of Latin American Ephemera.”

Boston Public Library

“When the BPL was looking to build a digital asset management application, we needed a system that could grow and change with our evolving digitization and metadata efforts. We knew it had to be open-source; it had to scale to millions of objects; it had to allow us to manage a myriad of files and formats; it had to be completely customizable; and it had to be based on a technology stack capable of supporting enterprise-level architecture. Given those requirements, Hydra was an easy choice to make.

“What we didn’t know at the time we selected Hydra was how invaluable a resource the Community would turn out to be. The levels of collaboration and communication are really phenomenal, and the impressive growth of the user base over the years has been great to see. There’s a tangible feeling that people honestly care about listening to each other, being inclusive, and seeing everyone’s projects succeed.”

Lafayette College

“We have now spent over two years working with Hydra, getting to know the Community and learning the Hydra way.  We are firmly committed to this trajectory and wish now to become more involved, both technically and through project governance.”

Stanford University

“With plenty of experience in building one-off, local solutions, we know how challenging these can be to extend and how expensive they are to maintain. Working collaboratively makes us work better. Some of the best and brightest technologists in libraries are engaged in Hydra, and the community model puts them on “our team”, complementing our internal strengths.”

University of Virginia

“Over time, our Community has grown and together we have created and will continue to evolve a robust framework and rich ecosystem of technologies that support our shared vision.

University of Hull

“……. the need to adopt a solution that allowed the use of our underlying Fedora repository to expand and evolve. We greatly value the experience of working within a supportive global Community and knowing that there are places to go to share both design and technical issues.

University of Notre Dame

“ We were already fairly convinced using Fedora, Solr, and ActiveFedora were solid choices because of their strong development community and flexible robust solutions. We were also exploring Blacklight for search and browse for the same reasons. ………After connecting with folks from the Hydra project at Code4Lib it was immediately clear that we had many things in common and that Hydra was the answer….”

“… a full Hydra Partner we are fully committed to the project’s success, the success of other Hydra Partners, and the growing Hydra Community. In our minds, being part of such a vibrant community is at least half as important as the quality of the tools themselves.”

Northwestern University

“While we have made great strides in our efforts with Fedora it is critical to our success to be able to create a sustainable and invigorating environment for our developers and stakeholders. The team here knows that getting to that point does not come without some dedication, discipline and hard work. The Hydra Community is built upon cooperation, collaboration and a shared vision. All of these factors will undoubtedly lead to great results for our institutions.”

Penn State University

“Our very positive experiences with Hydra resulted in our becoming Hydra Partners in June of 2012, joining a list of like-minded institutions who have committed to taking a community approach to developing repository applications.”