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Samvera Community Celebrates Unprecedented Open Source Collaboration and Support

The Samvera Community is proud to celebrate a remarkable period of collaboration and support that has led to significant advancements in open source digital preservation and storage flexibility. The community rapidly organized both funded and volunteer development to complete the implementation of the Valkyrie open source data mapper in the upcoming Hyrax 5.0 release. 

This integration will lead to faster, easier, and more flexible preservation processes. While the technical advancements made to integrate Valkyrie technology into the Hyrax repository engine are indeed an achievement, the true highlight is the unity and dedication that has driven this work.

Valkyrie for Hyrax has been a long-anticipated development for Hyrax and Hyku repository adopters, and its realization is a testament to the tireless commitment of those who have worked to make it a reality. The journey to realize Valkyrie for Hyrax has brought together diverse institutions and organizations in a spirit of unity and cooperation. 

The Samvera Community commends the remarkable efforts of the Hyku for Consortia group, represented by PALNI and PALCI, who led a pledge drive to raise crucial funds to advance this transformative work. The support from institutions and organizations, including:

  • Amigos Library Services

  • British Library, via grant funding from UK Arts and Humanities Research Council

  • Dickinson College

  • Indiana University Libraries

  • Northwestern University Libraries

  • Hyku for Consortia

  • The Samvera Board

  • University of Michigan

enabled the rapid accumulation of $53,000 for service provider contractor work in May and June 2023. This fundraising ensured that development work did not stop between community-organized sprints.

The commitment to Valkyrie for Hyrax extended beyond the initial sprint series. From August to October 2023, a diverse and dedicated group of contributors continued the work. These participants included:

  • Princeton University Library

  • The Surfliner Team from the University of California, San Diego and the University of California, Santa Barbara

  • The Hyrax Maintenance Working Group, featuring Hyrax Product Owner Rebekah Kati from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Libraries; Hyrax Technical Lead Daniel Pierce from Indiana University Libraries; and Brad Watson and Ayoub Belemlih from Emory University Library

This extraordinary collaboration is a testament to the power of collective effort within the Samvera community. The shared dedication and support of these institutions, organizations, and passionate individuals have showcased the immense potential that can be unlocked when like-minded contributors come together to finish a much anticipated advancement in their open source software.

The Samvera Community expresses its heartfelt appreciation to all participants for their unwavering dedication and support. This collaborative spirit exemplifies the values at the core of the Samvera Community.

The Samvera Community invites all interested parties to join in the spirit of collaboration and explore the possibilities it offers. For more information, please visit www.samvera.org to learn about the latest features, benefits, and community engagement opportunities.

About the Samvera Community: The Samvera Community is dedicated to the development of open-source digital repository solutions, enabling institutions and organizations to preserve, manage, and provide access to their digital collections effectively. By fostering collaboration and innovation, the community plays a crucial role in shaping the future of digital preservation and access.


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