Announcing Hyrax 5: increasing flexibility for repository storage

We are pleased to announce the full release of Hyrax 5.0.0. Hyrax v5 is the culmination of effort over the past several years by numerous members of the Samvera community to convert Hyrax to use the Valkyrie data mapper, and move away from the ActiveFedora mapper. This change will provide Hyrax and Hyku implementations the ability to choose their own persistence layer and no longer be limited to Fedora 4 or 5. Admin


Types of Applications powered by Samvera Community technology solutions

The Samvera Community

Samvera is not (and has never been) grant funded. It is distributed, robust and open. The Samvera Community was conceived and executed, under its original name “Hydra”, as a collaborative, open source effort from its very beginning in 2008.

Samvera has grown into a vibrant, highly active community including more than 30 Partners who formally support our work and development.

Samvera is designed so that adopters can each have their own mix of features; variation is part of the plan. For adopters who do not have the resourcing to create their own variant, the Samvera Community has developed rather more “off-the-shelf” application bundles.

Growing open technologies, together.

Benefits of Samvera

We believe that no single system can provide the full range of repository-based solutions for a given institution’s needs and that no single institution can resource the development of a full range of solutions on its own.

Working together, the Samvera Community creates sustainable solutions using a common infrastructure within which there is the flexibility to tailor solutions to local demands and workflows.

Samvera software is free and open source, available under an Apache 2 license.

How it Works

Samvera maintains a set of Ruby on Rails components (Ruby gems) that, together, can be used to build flexible and extensible digital repository solutions. Hyrax combines a number of these components into a toolkit (a Rails engine) for building repository applications to meet a wide range of repository requirements, whilst Hyku is an out-of-the-box repository application with multi-tenant capability built on Hyrax.

Samvera does not work in isolation and relies on a number of external open source components, including:

  • Fedora – a durable repository layer for persisting and managing digital objects.
  • Apache Solr – a fast and performant search platform
  • Blacklight – a discovery platform built on Solr

Samvera Partners

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