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  • Become a Samvera Partner: a strategic decision to support your critical open infrastructure

Become a Samvera Partner: a strategic decision to support your critical open infrastructure

Is your institution a Samvera Partner

Samvera’s Partnership model is unique. Once an institution or organization has implemented Samvera technology and become part of the Community, we hope you will join us as a Partner to invest in the financial and organizational infrastructure that makes shared work sustainable. 

Partner dues are based on institution size, and by starting at $500 are designed to be a reasonable annual contribution in support of open source infrastructure.

When your institution or organization joins the Samvera Community as a Partner, it's an investment in the future. By committing to this partnership, you are actively shaping the Samvera Community and securing the sustainability of its software. 

Longevity Assurance: Your financial investment in Samvera ensures the community's continued growth and development, ultimately safeguarding your institution's interests.

Influence and Decision-Making: As a Partner, you gain the right to vote in formal Samvera decision-making processes, providing you with a direct say in the community's direction.

Board Representation: Put forward your candidates for election to the Samvera Board, influencing strategic decisions that shape the organization.

Collaboration: Partners can attend Partner meetings and calls, gaining valuable insights and networking opportunities.

Security Insights: Receive advance information about any security vulnerabilities discovered in Samvera software, shared exclusively through the Partners' closed mailing list.

Sustainable Operations: Partner dues ensure that Samvera maintains independence as a nonprofit LLC, with a neutral operations service provider for legal and financial stewardship.

Enhanced Visibility: Samvera Partners receive public acknowledgment of their partnership on various publicity materials, including the website and wiki.

Dedicated Expertise: Partner dues ensure that Samvera employs a Community Manager to implement best practices for collaboration, communications, and maintaining an equitable and vibrant Community.

Philanthropic Grant Support: Many Partners have successfully obtained grants from philanthropic funds, thanks to their involvement in the larger Samvera Community. Supporting the broader community can strengthen your case for grant funding.

Samvera Partnership is a strategic decision to support your critical open infrastructure. Your participation not only ensures the sustainability of the Samvera Community and its software but also opens doors to a world of collaborative opportunities that can positively impact your institution's growth and development. 

To become a Partner or to learn more, please email Board@samvera.org or schedule time to meet with Heather Greer Klein, Samvera Community Manager.


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