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  • Call for host locations for Samvera Connect conferences in 2024 and 2025

Call for host locations for Samvera Connect conferences in 2024 and 2025

The Samvera Community is excited to announce the Call for Host Locations for the Samvera Connect conferences for 2024 and 2025. This is a fantastic opportunity to support our open source community. Hosting comes with no financial risk to your institution and the events are in-person and capped to 75 attendees, making accommodations easier to arrange for many organizations.

Please consider if your institution could accommodate the following:

  • Dates and Timing: 

    • The date is somewhat flexible based on your institution's availability and weather/climate:

      • September or October 2024 or 2025; with a preference to avoid late October in 2024

      • January 2025 or 2026

    • The event will span over 4 days, with the following agenda:

      • Day 1: Workshops

      • Day 2: Plenary Day

      • Day 3: Unconference Day

      • Day 4: Developers Congress and Partners Meeting

  • Location requirements: 

    • We want to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for all, particularly for LGBTQ+ community members and individuals from marginalized communities. The safety of particular locations will be discussed with potential hosts and others in the community as we determine potential conference locations.

    • The selected location should offer easy access to hotels/accommodations and restaurants for dinner, either within walking distance or a short car ride away.

  • Facilities needed:

    • A plenary room capable of accommodating up to 75 attendees on Day 2 and 3

    • 4-5 smaller rooms for unconference breakouts, workshops, and meetings

    • A/V equipment for all rooms (projector, sound system, microphones for speakers and to take questions)

    • Ability to record the plenary day (livestream is not required)

    • Sufficient Wi-Fi access for attendees

    • Power strips in meeting and breakout rooms

    • A designated "quiet" room for the duration of the conference

    • The ability to contract catering for breakfast, lunch, and coffee breaks on Day 2 and 3, as well as a reception on the evening of Day 2.

  • Finances: Hosting the conference carries no financial risk for your institution. We will work with you to prepare a cost estimate for venue use, catering, staff, A/V needs, insurance (if required), and any other necessary costs so these can be covered by registration fees. Any financial risk will be carried by the Samvera organization.

  • Local Host participation: To ensure the success of the event, we require at least two members from the local host to join the conference planning committee. They will assist in planning and promoting the conference and provide valuable local information and recommendations.

Samvera Connect conferences have been instrumental in fostering collaboration and innovation within our community. Your institution's support as a host location will be greatly appreciated.

If your institution or organization is interested in hosting the Samvera Connect conference in 2024 or 2025, please fill out the expression of interest form by February 22nd, 2024.



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