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Announcing Hyrax 5: increasing flexibility for repository storage

We are pleased to announce the full release of Hyrax 5.0.0. Hyrax v5 is the culmination of effort over the past several years by numerous members of the Samvera community to convert Hyrax to use the Valkyrie data mapper, and move away from the ActiveFedora mapper. This change will provide Hyrax and Hyku implementations the ability to choose their own persistence layer and no longer be limited to Fedora 4 or 5. Admin


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Samvera is a vibrant, highly active community including more than 30 Partners who formally support our work and development. Working together, members of the Samvera Community create sustainable repository solutions based on a common infrastructure, allowing the flexibility to tailor solutions to local demands and workflows. This provides the foundation for both highly customized, extensible repositories as well as turn-key solutions that allow adopters to get up and running quickly.

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